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The algorithm of applying for medical help for in SRCOD

1. Application for medical helpBy completing the form on our official website www.samaraonko.ru you can send us a request/application, you can also contact us via tel. +7(846) 994-59-60, but you will have to send us the extracts from your medical card, analyses and examinations results on the specified communication channel.


2. Assessment the possibility of diagnosis and treatmentThe leading specialists of our institution (commission) will review your medical documents and discuss the possibility and feasibility of medical care in your case. Please note that during the process of the documents review, commission may ask for the results of previous tests and examinations.



3. Preliminary medical programIf case of positive decision of the commission, we will send you a preliminary medical program and costs calculations.



4. Contract negotiation and signingAfter we get from you the consent for treatment, we will send you scanned copy of the signed contract (by our authorities) on the email you specified during application.



5. Visa support. Assistance in transportation and accommodationAfter we receive the signed contract, we will obtain an official invitation letter. We will assist in organizing your transportation and accommodation.



6. Arrival. Payment for medical servicesUpon your arrival to Samara Regional Clinical Dispensary you will be followed by an English-speaking manager (if necessary). Prior to the diagnostic and treatment procedures, you will have to make a 100% prepayment.If additional tests and examinations are required during diagnosis and treatment process, you will have to pay additional fee.



7. Diagnosis and treatmentAt the initial consultation, you will receive a schedule - when, where and what test and examinations you will undergo and how to prepare for them. Then, according to the treatment and diagnosis plan (agreed in advance), diagnosis and treatment will be provided to you.



8. Discharge and recommendationsAt the end of your treatment you will receive all the information on the results of your tests and examinations as well as your discharge report and recommendations for further treatment and rehabilitation.



9. Departure. Observation after treatmentWe will keep in touch with you after departure home. In case of any medical questions, we will help you contact with your attending doctor.


Ask a question

Ask a question

If you have questions, you can leave the application here  We will contact you

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Application/request for medical assistance

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Reminder to patient when submitting an application

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